Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Father's Day

Here is my progress on the newest angel. I am enjoying stitching this, although her hair had a lot of quarter and three quarter stitches. I really like to go ahead and stitch the faces, but her eyes are French knots, and they sometimes get messed up while I am finishing the piece. All that's left to stitch is the wings. Then it's just a lot of backstitching! I'm going to try to finish her today or tomorrow.
Happy Father's Day to all fathers out there! Hope all the fathers that you stitcher ladies know have a wonderful day! We're taking DD's Dad out to dinner tonight. He wants seafood. Sounds good to me! lol
I've been pretty busy with my mom. She lives in a very nice mobile home, but lately she's had a good many repairs that she's had to take care of. Now she's talking about moving into an apartment. She has never been content no matter where she and my Dad lived. They had a very nice house, but she was never happy there. They sold the house and moved into an apartment. They were upstairs and she didn't like going up the steps. So she and Dad moved to a downstairs apartment. She didn't like that because she could hear the people around her. SO they had some land on a lake, and they built a very nice house on that lot. She didn't like that either - too far from the rest of the family and isolated from neighbors. So they moved back to an apartment. The noise still bothered her. (She's very picky about every thing!) SO they found this very nice mobile home and moved into it. She has it decorated beautifully! My dad said he would never move again, and he would only leave the mobile home in a box. She tried several times to get him to move, but, bless his heart, he held strong and refused to move. He always gave her anything she wanted!! Now, she's talking about moving and she's 78-years-old!! She's in very bad health and we're all too stressed out to move her again!! Although I have a brother and sister, I'm the only one that looks out for her and takes care of her. I have always been the one to watch over Mom and Dad. My sister helps a little more now, but I'm still the main one. I couldn't survive moving her again, and I know that once she's in an apartment, the noise and all will drive her crazy and SHE'LL WANT TO MOVE AGAIN!!! I went over to see her yesterday and I think I finally talked her into staying where she is! Surely she has had everything repaired and the mobile home will be okay now. Please pray that she will be content where she is and be happy!
Well, I guess that's enough rambling for one day. I'd better go and fix some lunch! Have a happy day and may God bless you!

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Bev said...

she is coming along really well, cant wait to see a pic when she is finshed, I hate the backstitching the worst though.

hope you get everything sorted with your mum i know what u mean about you doing everything too, can be very frustrating