Saturday, June 23, 2007

Drama, Drama Everywhere

Happy Dance!! I got her finished! I really like her, but there was an awful lot of backstitching! She is going to be in Nevaeh's quilt at Love Quilts. The guardian angel was too late to be in Briannah's quilt, so she will also be in Nevaeh's quilt.

I wanted to show all the backstitching that went into her hair! It took me 2 days to stitch all her curls and only half a day to do the rest of the backstitching! I don't think I'll do her again - unless it's for a grandbaby in the future!! I tend to choose patterns that are too complicated for my charity squares! Then they take too long to stitch! But I just love doing the beautiful squares and knowing that they might bring a smile to a sick child's face!

It's been a very busy week around here. My aunt by marriage lost her brother last Sunday. He had cancer and committed suicide. He was 65 and the cancer was in his mouth, and they wanted to do surgery and remove most of his tongue and jaw. Mom and I went to the service and to my aunt and uncle's home after the service. They live about 1 and a half hours from here. My uncle is my mom's brother. He also has cancer. It's in remission right now. But he also has heart problems and needs to have 5 bypasses, but he refuses to have the surgery. He really doesn't like doctors and is one of those guys who doesn't want to confess that he isn't invincible! He's also a diabetic. So we worry about him all the time! My mom has already lost a sister to cancer.

Then we had a big episode with DD. She got a letter about a summer job opportunity. She called and made an appointment for an interview. I had a funny feeling about it, because there was no return address on the envelope or letter and it didn't say what kind of business it was. I called the business and tried to get some info, but the receptionist was very vague. Even DD's Dad called, and he didn't get much info either. She left to go to the interview at 5:3o and did not return until 8:30. I was almost out of my mind!! I can't help but worry when she's gone very long! It turns out that it is a door-to-door kind of thing. You sell knives by setting up appointments with people and going to their homes and doing a pitch for the knives. You have to pay $150 for a kit up front. It turns out that it was a "group interview" and there were several other teenagers there. They told them they could make $15.00 an hour. So, of course, DD wants to do it. There's no way we're going to let her go to strangers' homes to sell KNIVES!!
Plus we don't have $150 to spend on a kit of knives!! She went ballistic and said she just wasn't going to get a job then! We finally talked her out of it, but I know she will use that as an excuse not to try to get a job! Life with a teenager!! I don't know if I'm going to survive!!

So I woke up the next day sick from all the stress of the night before. I was sick 2 days! I finally felt better yesterday, so we decided to have a cook-out. I NEVER buy steaks - can't afford them, but last week the grocery store had T-bone steaks on sale. So I decided to splurge and bought 3 for us to cook out. DD, DD's Dad and myself - that makes 3. 3 steaks - 3 people. Then DD invites 2 of her friends to the cook out without asking first, and she told us they were coming 30 min. before we started grilling! We ended up buying some more steaks, but the T-bones weren't on sale anymore, so DD's Dad gets breakfast steaks which are paper thin!! We ended up cutting the T-bones in half (they were VERY big) and having both kinds of steak. At least everyone got a little bit of the T-bones! If they made a movie out of my life, it would be a hit comedy!! Or a tear-jerking tragedy!! lol

I've started a new piece. It's another charity square. It's sea shells. I got a good start on it last night after the grilling episode! My stitching keeps me sane! I'll show a pic when I get a little more done. Got to go! I'm going to spend the day stitching. Have a happy day and may God bless you!


Ranae said...

Nevaeh is so lucky. It's absolutly beautiful. BS is a pain, but it really pops out the detail and is worth it. Sorry! for your lost. hope your DD is doing better with knives and isn't a scam, you never know about people. Steaks on the grill makes me hungry for lunch. I hope you get feeling better, things have a way of working them selves out. I am a worry-wart, and DH is so care-free, so he keeps me sane... or is that insane, hehe. Have a super great weekend!! oh yeah! cute little puppy, good luck!

Jenn said...

Congrats on the finish. You did a beautiful job on it.

Virpi said...

Congratulations for your finish. It is really pretty!

msstitch01 said...

Thanks for visiting my blog Vicki and the kind comment that you left. I have been spending some time this evening reading your blog and I have to say that your life is anything but boring. You show true courage and heart even though you have been through some trying times in the past. Your stitching that I have seen looks beautiful. Having a hobby such as stitching keeps me sane when the world seems to be in a spiral and it seems to be that way for you also. I have added your blog on my side addy and can't wait to see your progress on your stitching.

Carla said...

Congratulations on your finish. The little angel is so cute!