Sunday, November 26, 2006

Charity Work

These are pictures of the squares I have stitched so far for charity. The first is a small square for Friends 2 Seniors. I had a hard time with it. I kept messing up on the cats. I'm not a cat person and didn't really enjoy stitching them. They must not like me much either! LOL This pattern came from a leaflet named Towels & Mugs & More Oh My! by Graph-it Arts.

The dinosaur square is for Quilts 4 Kids. It will go in a dinosaur-themed quilt for any child. This pattern was in an old magazine named Cross-Stitch Plus, Jan., 1993.

The last square is for a little girl named Taylor at Love Quilts. This pattern is from Priscilla's Babyland by Gloria and Pat.

I really enjoy stitching for charity. I can't wait to get back to it after finishing my Christmas stitching.

I had an awful time with these pictures and trying to type beside them. It just kept messing up!

KD left for Hilton's Head after lunch and I have really been lonesome since then. I got kind of used to him being around. We watched football games together and talked a lot. Things we didn't do when we were together. He will be back at Christmas.

Yesterday DD told us she wanted a new CD player for her car, and that they had them on sale at Best Buy. So her dad takes off to get her one after she left for work. They had sold out; so he decided to stop in Columbia today on his way back to Hilton's Head and see if the Best Buy there had one. Then in comes DD today, after he had left, with a new CD player for her car. I quickly called him to stop him from buying one, but I was too late. He had gotten her one at Wal-Mart in Columbia. He's going to return it, because the one she bought had more "stuff" that she wanted on it. Why do teenagers tell you what they want for Christmas and then go out and buy it themselves??? We ought to just give her the money and let her buy her own presents!

Well, it's very late and I should head to bed. I started this post Sunday night and finished it on Monday. Have a good day!

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