Friday, November 24, 2006

After Thanksgiving

I had a very quiet Thanksgiving. I stayed home and cross-stitched, while DD went with her dad to his family's get-together. My family did not get together this year - too much tragedy in the last year. In addition to my son's death, my father passed away 10 months after my son. So I watched The Closer marathon all day. I stitched on an ornament and finished it. I keep in touch with my teacher-friends from the middle school that I taught at 23 years. We get together once a month and have a big party every Christmas. I make each of them an ornament each year. I have to make 15 ornaments. I have finished 4 of them so far. I really need to get them done. Our party will be in about 2 weeks.

Today my son's best friend came to visit and ate lunch with us. He has really had a hard time since my son's death. He is like my own son and has always called me Mom. When he was little (he and my son had been friends since they were 4-years-old and in daycare together), he would not eat hardly anything! It was so awful trying to fix something he would eat. My own children were not picky eaters at all. They would always eat anything I fixed. Finally, I made sloppy joes (my recipe) and he loved them! Since then he always wants me to fix sloppy joes everytime he comes. We had a very good time today and shed a few tears together.

DD left to go to work. She is a waitress in a local restaurant. I haven't eaten there yet. She's only been working there 2 weeks. Her dad and I are going to eat dinner there tonight and sit in her section. She doesn't know; we are surprising her! Well I THOUGHT we were surprising her - her dad just told me that he told her we were going to eat there! He can't ever keep a secret!

I will post pictures of my c-stitch work real soon. DD has promised to help me; she has a site on my space. Got to go and start another ornament.

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