Thursday, April 3, 2008

New Oldest UFO

I'm working on the 4th part of the Rose Sampler above. I took this over to my mom's and worked on it, and she really liked it. It's a good piece to work on when I visit her. We talk and talk; so this piece doesn't take a lot of thought and I don't make as many mistakes.

Since I finished my oldest UFO, the piece above is now my oldest UFO. I've been working on it, too. I did the bird - a house finch. I'm really enjoying this piece. I plan to hang it in my bedroom. I did start the Jesus Loves Me piece with the WDW threads, but I've put it someplace and can't find it. I am missing one of the threads - the LNS was out of it - so I've done all I can do on it! I love stitching with the WDW threads!! I'll show a pic later.

Mon. I didn't feel like going to my teacher friends' get together; I ended up in bed all day. That afternoon, my DB called to tell me that my mom and sister had been in a wreck. They were on their way to my mom's eye dr. Mother was driving and she was turning left and pulled in front of an oncoming car. She thought she had time to get across, but she didn't. The other car was going very fast. She hit mom's car on the passenger side right behind the front door. Luckily they both had their seat belts on! The car was spun around and ended up pointed in the opposite direction from which they were driving. My sister's face hit the door window. She has a black eye and loose teeth and bruises down the side of her face. She also has bad bruises on both her knees. My mom was mostly injured by the airbag. She's very short and has to sit very close to the steering wheel. Her whole chest is black and she bruised some ribs and her left arm very badly! They were so lucky!!! Mother's car was totaled. The back axle was broken in half! Luckily, the driver of the other car was not injured! A third car was damaged by flying debris. We are so thankful to the Lord for protecting them! The paramedics said they were extremely lucky that they survived! So I have spent the last 3 days at my mom's. I almost collapsed yesterday, so I stayed home today.

Every time I feel like life may settle down and let me recover from all the stress I have been through, some new tragedy occurs!! Take care when you're out driving!! Have a day full of happy moments, and may God bless you!!


Kendra said...

I hope your mom and sister recover quickly! Traffic accidents are so scary.

My mom and my grandparents have both been in fairly serious accidents, the other parties being speeding drivers. My mom was in a full-size van (more like a tank) and it was totalled by woman running a red light in a Lexus car. She had to have been driving entirely too fast for a car to total out a full-size van! And she didn't even hit my mom first...she'd ricocheted off the car in front of my mom, then hit the van. Then the horrible cow tried to blame the other car and my mom for running the light, when it was clearly the other way around (there were witnesses). Evil woman.

Chiloe said...

I hope they will be both better very soon. ((((hugs)))) this is so scary .... I hope you can also recover from this stress also .

patternnuts said...

I hope they heal quickly. But as you said, they were being watched over.
I am glad you stayed home. Don't want you getting worn down either! :)

JinxedChilde said...

I hope, too, that they feel better soon! They were so lucky, tho!
I like both your stitching pieces, lovely work!

Cheryl said...

Im so glad your mum and sister are okay and that they, and you, feel better soon. Look after yourself.
Lovely stitching. Your rose sampler is lovely, ive just started mine too, ive put a progress pic on my blog. It is a lovely one to stitch!