Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Lots of Work

It has really been a while since my last post. Our computer died. I had to wipe out everything on the hard drive and reload everything! I'm so glad we learned how to do that! The picture above is my progress on the birds and birdhouse piece. I really love this piece and can't wait to finish it. I've been working on it exclusively the last few days. I want to get it finished! I had someone else to ask about the designer. It is from an old mag and they didn't tell the designer's name!

The next 3 pictures are my last 3 finishes! Happy dances!!!

The picture above is my latest charity square. I'm going to get it in the mail very soon! This piece just called to me! I love the different styles in it - the flowers are kind of abstract and the leaves are very realistic. The different textures are neat, too. Plus I love anything that has some checkerboard in it! I really enjoyed doing this!

I finished the 4th part of the Rose Sampler (above). I just printed out the 5th part, so I'll start on it soon! I really like this and it is going to be huge!

The piece above is a freebie and my first time using WDW threads. I'm looking for a little cross charm to put on the heart. I'm not sure how I'm going to finish it yet! The colors in this really spoke to me! There's usually something about a piece that really touches me and makes me want to stitch it! When I choose a piece because it "spoke" to me, I usually really enjoy doing it.

Well, I want to go watch "Criminal Minds" on television and work some more on the birds. Have a day full of happy moments, and may God bless you!


Chiloe said...

The birds are so beautiful !!! Are you going to frame it ? COngratulations for your 3 little finishes ;)

Sandra Ree said...

I love the designs in some of the old stitcher mags, I have tons of them. Very nice work. :)

Old4sure said...

I like those you have done. I saw you a couple of weeks ago at one of the middle schools we sub at, but I couldn't get across the cafeteria before you had gone. I sub in one of the SE classes sometimes.
Glad you got everything reloaded.

patternnuts said...

Wonderful progress and stitching on all of your pieces! Wow, you have been a busy one!

Anonymous said...

I love your birds they are coming along nicely. beautiful charity square. Your doing a great job on the Rose Sampler. I love it, the WDW threads are perfect for this freebie.
You always have beautiful stitching.
Happy Mother's Day!