Friday, March 28, 2008

Some Finishes

I haven't felt much better this week. In addition to the unending head cold, I have had migraines 3 days this week. But I still managed to do some stitching. I decided I wanted to finish some old UFOs and get them off my mind. I started the piece above over a year ago. I was dreading doing the backstitching and daisy stitches. But after I got started on it again, I really enjoyed it. I'm thinking about making a little pillow out of it.

I started the piece above about a year ago. I was going to do it for my sister's birthday last May. I didn't get it finished in time and then got side-tracked by other pieces. My sis turns 50 this year, and I'm planning on having a surprise family party for her. This is about the first thing I started on everweave instead of Aida. I thought it was extremely hard back then, but since I've had more experience with evenweave since then, I really enjoyed finishing it. However, this really isn't evenweave; it's linen. Now I really like stitching on evenweave and linen better than Aida! I'm going to make this into a pillow, too.

This is a piece that I did for my brother. His birthday is in April, and I wanted to do this for him to hang in his woodworking shop behind his house. I really like the way it turned out. I'm going to frame it.

Now the piece above is my oldest UFO. I started this in Jan. of 2005. It was the first thing I started when I picked up cross stitching again after not stitching for over 6 years. I had to relearn stitching. This seemed so hard back then, but now it's not hard at all. I have to do a little more backstitching. Then it has a border and says "Snow People warm the heart - - - in any season." This is from a very old magazine. I plan to frame it and hang it in my house.

DD and her best friend spent the last 3 days at Mrytle Beach. They stayed at a Days Inn. I was worried to death that something would happen to them, but they made it back safely at 3:00 this afternoon. They really had a great time. She had to rush off to work, so I'm waiting for her to come home and tell me all about it! Wish I could have gone with them, but they wouldn't let me! Said I would cramp their style or something like that! lol They used their tax returns to pay for it.

Better go - I want to finish up the snowman piece. I went to the LNS and got fabby and WDW threads to do a little freebie I found on the net. I'll show that when I get started on it. I can't wait. I have never used WDW threads before. Have a day full of happy moments, and may God bless you!


Bliss said...

Hi there. Thanks for the comments on my blog. I love hearing from you. I really like your snowman stitching. I wish it was cold enough here at any time of the year to snow so that stitching one would seem appropriate to my life, but, sadly, living in the tropics, it's a bit of a waste.

I do hope you start to feel better soon. I had some nasty sinusitis a few years ago that went on and on until the doc threw in some 2mg cortisone (one a day for three days) with a course of antibiotics. I haven't been sick since. It seems that the infection was originally triggered by an inflammation caused by an allergy. Easing the allergy symptoms meant that we could get on top of infections. Since then, I've stopped wearing perfumes & it has made a huge different to life.

Hugs to you.

'Berta said...

Vicki, your back stitching really showcases the beauty of that piece. It looks so delicate and dainty.

Hope you are feeling better by the time you read this. Take care!

patternnuts said...

Wow, you've been so busy! I haven't stiched in over a month!
(What is the name of the first design, and who is it by? I love it!)