Friday, January 18, 2008


The rotation didn't last long! lol But I'm going to do it starting now. When I started working on this charity square, I decided I really wanted to get this finished and in the mail. I really enjoyed doing it, although it does have a lot of backstitching! This is going to Love Quilts for an any child quilt. I've also decided to change something in my rotation. I'm not going to start the Victorian Christmas Eve piece yet. I'm going to pull out one of my UFOs to put in its place. I've decided to finish some of the pieces I have started before starting something new. (I will start a new charity square.)

It snowed yesterday! School was canceled, and we had a relaxing day at home. The dogs loved the snow, especially Bebe. She tried to chase all the flakes as they fell! It was the first time she saw snow. All of the snow is gone today, but the weatherman says we may get some more tomorrow. I love snow - because when I was a teacher, any time it snowed it was an excuse to do nothing - no housework - nothing! So I always loved snowdays. I still use it as an excuse to not do housework! lol I do cross stitch, though!

My birthday was on Wed. This was one of the best birthdays I've ever had. On Tues., Jerry took DD and me to Cracker Barrel (my favorite restaurant - because I love their breakfasts!).
He gave me a candle that crackles and pops like a real fire. I LOVE candles. Then on Wed., Katie took me out to lunch at Monterrey's. She gave me an Emeril Reversible Grill/ Griddle. I wanted one of these so bad! I have been looking and my mom looked. She was going to give me one for Christmas, but she got too sick to shop. DD found it at Bed, Bath, and Beyond. It goes on the stovetop over 2 eyes. It is cast iron! So far Katie has used it twice! I haven't felt like using it yet. Everyone is making sure I stay on my diet by giving me cooking things! lol Mom gave me a gift card for Bed, Bath, and Beyond. I guess she wants me to get something for cooking, too.

I had some kind of stomach virus yesterday! I wasn't able to stitch much, just enough to finish the square. I feel some better today! Better go and fix lunch. Have a day full of happy moments, and may God bless you!


Selina said...

happy birthday! Hope you had a good one. Lovely finish :)

patternnuts said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!! *dancing a silly dance*
I am so glad you had such a nice birthday! And thank you for leaving me such a nice birthday wish as well!

We had another snow day here as well. We had one Monday too! The kids really need (*cough*) school right now.

The Silver Thistle said...

Happy belated birthday Vikki! Hope you had a great one! Sounds like you enjoyed yourself.

BTW, I didn't get on very well with my rotation when I tried one either, lol. I don't think I even lasted as long as you, heheh.

Sam said...

Happy belated birthday - sounds as if you had a great day. :o) Hope you get a few more snow/stitch days soon.