Monday, January 14, 2008

Rotation Started

I started my rotation yesterday. I worked on my SAL, Rose Sampler, yesterday and last Fri. at my stitchers' club. I didn't get much done at the stitchers' club, because we talk too much! lol I really like and enjoy doing this piece. It's very relaxing, because you don't have to worry so much about the colors. There is a little gray in it, too. I am almost finished with the first section. Today I'm going to work on the baseball piece for charity. I'll post a pic of that later.

I had a very busy weekend! Sat. I spent the day with my DB. He doesn't have a car yet. I took him to a tool shop. I have never seen so many tools!! He builds furniture. He is really an artist at it! He has been working at this new shop for 6 months and has already gotten 2 raises. After the tool shop, we went to Home Depot and walked all over the whole store! He is a shopaholic like me. I know - it's hard to find male shopaholics, but he's one! I didn't buy anything and I told him at the end of the day that I had gotten my shopping "fix" by just watching him buy all that stuff! He has his own woodworking shop in his backyard and that's why he's buying all the tools! After HD, we picked up lunch for us and our mom and went and visited her. He got up all of her leaves (I blew off her patio). We had a nice visit with her. She's a lot better, but not back up to 100% yet. To keep herself busy, she colors those fuzzy pictures. She got out all that she has done and showed them to us. She used to cross stitch, but can't see well enough now to do it! She keeps wanting to do a piece, but then has to give me what she's started because she just can't do it anymore. After Mom's, I took him to the grocery store and it took a good while to get all his groceries. After helping him get in his groceries and having my first look at his woodworking shop, I went home and passed out! I was asleep before 8 pm! But I had a great time!!

Yesterday, I did a good bit of housework - very rare for me! lol And then spent the rest of the day cross stitching! I never told what I got for Christmas. DB gave me a Crockpot, and DM gave me a food processor! Since I did Mom's shopping for her, I picked out what I wanted! lol I have wanted both of these appliances for years! We got another type of slow cooker for a wedding present, but after 22 years it finally died! I made spaghetti in my new Crockpot yesterday and it was great! DB even gave me a Crockpot cookbook, and this recipe even fit my Weight Watchers' diet! Oh, AND I am back on my diet - thank you for all your prayers! Last week I lost the 4 lbs. I had gained over Christmas! Now I'm back on the straight and narrow again!

I'm still working on getting my stash organized, but I seem to be making a bigger mess! I don't have a very big house and there's just not a lot of storage space! I really need a stitching room! I'll just dream about that until DD gets her own place. She's doing much better in her classes so far. She has stopped going anywhere during the week when she has classes! She has studied everyday. She has also asked them at work to only give her weekends. I am very proud of her. One of my dear "internet friends" gave me some very good advice. She said that sometimes it takes a person a while to figure out what she wants to do and that I should be patient with her! So I'm trusting her and relaxing as much as I can!

We found out there's going to be a new great-grandchild in the family! My nephew and his wife are expecting their 2nd child! This one was a surprise - their first son will be 18-months-old when this one gets here! They had a hard time getting pregnant the first time, but not this time! I can't wait to stitch baby things! I hope this one is a girl, but a boy would be fine, too!

The furbaby, Bebe, has learned how to climb! The other day we caught her climbing up the piano! She got in Jerry's recliner, which is beside the piano, got up on the arm of the chair, and was on the keys of the piano when we grabbed her and got her down! I don't know what she wanted from up there!! She is the first dog I've ever had that loves to make her squeaky toys squeak! She knows just where to bite each toy to make it squeak! So we hear "squeak, squeak" all day long!

Well, better go! I want to read some of your blogs before I start my stitching! I have a hard time finding enough time to do all I want to do! Have a day full of happy moments, and may God bless you!


Itching To Stitch said...

Nice start on this piece. That always happens to me when I get together with friends to stitch, we talk more than we stitch ;)

'Berta said...

Vicki, when it comes to organizing anything I believe it's like a good have to crack the eggs and beat them up before producing something so fine! You are at the egg beating'll all come together into something great!

Congratulations on the news of another baby in the family!

Old4sure said...

I am glad you are back on track with the diet and back on track with the stitching. I have a couple of pieces I want to start, but haven't gotten started yet. Wish me luck.

Barbeeque4 said...

What a great start to the SAL!!!! Congrats on the new baby!!!