Saturday, January 5, 2008

Charity Square and Christmas Present

I finally got started on the square for the quilt to honor the firemen who lost their lives in the Charleston, SC, fire. I failed to notice that the instruction sheet said the due date was Jan. 1st. I am furiously working on it! And. of course, Mr. Frog has made an appearance several times! You can see where I had to take out some red. I hope it doesn't show after I stitch it again! After I finish the firetruck, there's only the border and my name and a leaf to do.

Above are the 2 pieces of fabric that DD gave me for Christmas. They're both 28 count hand-dyed jobelan. The piece at the top of the picture is blueberry and the bottom one is raspberry lite. Aren't they beautiful?! I had told everyone that I wanted money to buy fabric, but she was the only one listening. She went to the LNS and picked these out! She wants me to do her something on the blueberry piece. I haven't found anything for it yet. I bought a Mirabillia fairy pattern to do for her and hid it somewhere, and, of course, now I can't remember where I hid it! She might look good on this fabric, but I'm not sure because she is wearing a purple dress. I'm going to have to find her to see if the colors will show up. It was so much fun getting fabby! I never have before!

And this is one of the pieces I want to stitch in 2008! It's called "Victorian Christmas Eve." This is in the Jan., 2008, issue of Cross-Stitch and Needlework. She's by Nora Corbett - and I just bought 2 of her patterns! I already have some 28 count linen (Waterlily) that I'm going to do her on. I'm about to kit up the Rose Sampler that I'm doing as a SAL. I wanted to do it on 32 count linen, but they didn't have any at A. C. Moore or Michael's; and I wanted to use my gift cards. I got 16 count antique white Aida instead. It's okay with me; I still enjoy stitching on Aida!

DD got signed up for her new college classes. She didn't do as well as she should have last semester! She's going to drive me crazy! She just won't apply herself and doesn't believe me when I tell her she has to study!! She doesn't believe anything I say! I know - that's how teenagers are - but still - I do know a few things!! She says she will get serious this semester. She's very intellegent! She was always in advanced classes. She just doesn't put forth much effort! This is so stressful for me! I told her she had to think seriously about whether she wants to go to college or not. If she doesn't, I told her, she could take classes to learn a trade or something. I told her that unless she's going to take her classes seriously, she should just drop out and get a good full-time job! But she said she wants to get a college degree. We'll see what happens this semester!

I have finally done it - my freezer is full!! I have been watching the sales and stocking up on a lot of things and I have filled the freezer! But I don't seem to want to cook! lol I have to get back on my diet. I gained 4 lbs. over the holidays! I know that's not as bad as it could have been, but I've got to get my will power back! Pray for me!!

Well, better go. I need to get to work on that charity square! I'm anxious to start the Victorian Christmas Eve piece and the Rose Sampler! Have a day full of happy moments, and may God bless you!


Ranae said...

Hi! I just love the Christmas ornaments, they are all so cute.
That is some nice faby you got. As far as xs all I got was a hard cover book, which I love, and constantly looking through it,lol.
I have that magazine with VCE and have thought many times to kit it.
Good Luck on the charity square.
Happy New Year! to you and yours.

patternnuts said...

Oh the fabrics are so pretty!
"May your needle be swift and frog-free!" ;) Good luck on finishing up the firetruck!

Chiloe said...

I love your square !!!

I can't believe you're going to stitch that beautiful pattern on aida !!! lol it will be really perfect on a ilkweaver fabric ;-)

Your DD needs to find what really interests her and sometimes it takes time ...