Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Play Ball!

This is the newest square I'm working on. It will go to Fletcher at Love Quilts. I'm enjoying this, but I want to stitch Halloweeny things so bad!! I have found several neat things at Cyberstitchers. Also Brooke's Books has a new Halloween pattern = Haunted Tea Party - that I really want to do! But I went to Love Quilts' site and read the thank yous from the parents of the kids who got a quilt with one of my squares in it, and I got inspired again! I want to finish this square quickly.

I substituted at a school Monday that I consider a good school. but the classes were awful!! It started even before school started. They were very rude, insulting, disruptive, etc! I sent for an administrator several times, but it took over 30 minutes for anyone to come! By then, I had already taken 2 anxiety pills and was almost in tears! I gave them the names of the worst ones, and they took 10 kids to In-school Suspension for the rest of the day. I got myself together enough to finish the day (I told them I wanted to go home, but they couldn't get anyone to cover the classes), but I had problems with the rest of the classes all day - but not as severe as those first classes! The administrator dropped by several times during the day! The teacher across the hall said that the teacher was very "relaxed" with the students. That always spells TROUBLE for a substitute. If a teacher doesn't have good discipline when she or he is there, the kids will be horrible with a sub! So I haven't subbed since Mon. I had to get over that experience. I have a job at another good school tomorrow. I hope those classes are better!

That's about all that's been going on around here - just stitching the last few days! Better go and get started on that square again! Have a day full of happy moments, and may God bless you!


selina said...

lovely work :)

I am sorry to hear about your bad day. That's really horrible. *hugs*

Mary Ann said...

I'm sorry to hear that the classes at that school were so difficult. I hope the ones tomorrow are better!

The square for Fletcher is looking great! I know what you mean about reading a thank you for the quilts--it really makes me want to stitch more squares.