Sunday, October 7, 2007

Firetrucks Everywhere!

It's very appropriate that I am stitching an antique firetruck. I subbed at a middle school last Fri. and they had a fire drill - of course. Every school I have gone to so far this year has had a fire drill while I am there! Someone pulled the fire alarm at this one, and the firetrucks came out and all! It was a false alarm, thank goodness!! I hope no one notices that I'm always there when they have these false alarms and thinks that I am doing them!! This one was at 12:oo and the students eating lunch had to leave their plates and go outside! They said it was the 2nd time someone had pulled the alarm that week! Anyway, this square is for Elijah at Love Quilts. He wanted anything with an engine. This is going very quickly and I am really enjoying it! I have another one I must do very quickly. It's for Elijah's brother, Fletcher. It's a sports-themed quilt. That's so sad to have 2 children so sick in one family!!

I had another migraine yesterday. DD has a terrible temper that she got from her dad! Jerry took her keys to her car before she got up yesterday and went to have another key made, because that was the only one she had! He had already taken it to Walmart to have one made, but the key wouldn't work. You have to have one made at the dealership or it won't work. When she got up and her key was not here, she went balistic!! She started screaming and throwing things. I was doing something on the computer and didn't notice anything. When she screamed, a sharp pain shot through my head and the migraine started! I was in bed all day!

Today I've felt better, but a little sick to my stomach. That happens sometimes when I have migraines! I've already got a job for Wed. and Thurs. It's a good school!

Well, better go. The computer is acting like it is going to go out! Have a day full of happy moments, and may God bless you!


Chiloe said...

Kids with temper !!! Who doesn't know that? Did she apologize after finding out her dad just wanted to do something nice?

I hope you will feel better soon (((hugs)))

Ranae said...

The firetruck is going to be awesome.
She will appreciate it when she locks her keys in the car :)
Who will she call now, lol
Hope the head feels better.