Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Visited by Frog!

The deer for DB is coming along very quickly, but the dreaded "Frog" really pulled a whammy on me yesterday! I've made a mistake somewhere on his left antler, and I haven't figured out what I did wrong yet! I finally just put it up and will look at it again today with fresh eyes and see if that helps me find the mistake! I really like doing deer patterns, but this one bothers me a little! I don't like the mounted heads of animals, but BIL has one hanging over their fireplace and I know DB will like this! But it still kind of bothers me!! BIL hunts, and he shot the deer whose head is on their wall. DB doesn't hunt, but he likes collecting deer things. I guess it's better to have a "stitched" mounted head that a real one!

This is my newest start. I worked on her most of yesterday. It's Belle from a Disney Princesses book. She's for Veronica's Quilt at Cole's Quilts. "Frog" also got this one. I have to take out most of the yellow! But this one is not going to take me long to stitch. I'm trying to pick out easier patterns for my charity work. The last few squares have been too hard, and I really got depressed because I couldn't get them finished on time and I couldn't do any stitching on things for myself! I love doing the charity stitching, but I really have a lot of pieces I want to do for myself and for Christmas gifts!

We had a wonderful cook-out yesterday, and the steaks were delicious!! I fixed a salad and baked potatoes, and we even had strawberry shortcake for dessert! And it was all on my diet!!

I didn't get a sub job for today, so I'm going to spend the day doing the laundry and stitching (or rather "frogging"!) I'm going to sub as much as I can this year! I cooked and froze stuff yesterday - chili for hotdogs and chili and beans. I'm trying to get meals frozen so that when I sub, we can just take out something from the freezer and heat it up! I'm just too tired to cook after subbing all day! I'm very proud of what I got done yesterday! My big chest freezer is over half full! (Not just my cooking from yesterday!)

Well, better go and get busy "frogging." Have a day full of happy moments, and may God bless you!


Itching To Stitch said...

Oh no, not the frogs. I've been frog-free for awhile. I hope you can find the mistake on the antler ;)

Mary Ann said...

I'm sorry the frogs have decided to visit you. When kicking them out the door--don't kick them my way!! :)

The deer is looking nice.

AnnMcD said...

I read some earlier blogs and cringed when I saw what your puppy did to the corner of your stitching. My dogs got mad at me one day and ripped apart a couple of magazines but fortunately that was the extent of their damage. They are now older and calmer and have a basketful of yard sale toys to carry around.... and chew the eyes out of...why do they do that???