Sunday, June 15, 2008

Feeling Better

I've been very busy stitching. I'm working on the piece for my mom's basket. I'm about half finished with it. I've also done several little pieces. I love to do small, quick pieces! A little bird house to make into a scissor fob, a piece that has little houses on it and says "Love begins at home." I've also started a charity square for Love Quilts. I had taken a break from my charity squares, but I'm motivated again! Oh! I almost forgot the piece I did for DD to give her dad for Father's Day! It says, "Dad - some day my prince may come, but you will always be the king of my heart." It has hearts and vines around the words. I didn't stitch one of the little hearts and sewed a little heart charm on it. Now I just have to frame it today. She's going to see her dad tomorrow because she has to work today. I also want to do a piece in memory of my dad. I have it kitted but haven't started it yet. It's from a very old mag and says "Thank God for fathers who not only gave us life but also taught us how to live." It has a couple of deer and trees on it - silhouettes. I wish I could show some pics!

Life has been pretty quiet around here. I finally told my mom that I was going to "hibernate" for a week or so! I have been through so much the last 3 or 4 years! I'm just staying at home and resting! I told her I need to heal emotionally! I do feel better. I have not let myself feel guilty that I wasn't going to see her every day! I have come to realize that I can't help anyone else until I take care of myself!

Things have been better with DD. I watched a Super Nanny show last week and she was making a little boy go to time-out. I had a brain storm and decided to try humor on DD. She had brought in a couple of gift bags from the garage and, of course, left them sitting on the table. I told her to put them back in the garage. She said, "I will - later" - her favorite thing to say and then she never does!! She went to her room. I marched in her room and told her to look me right in the eyes. (I even made the motions with my hands!) Now - remember - she is 19-years-old! I said, "I want you to go put up those bags. If you don't, you will have to sit in the "naughty chair" one minute for each year of your age - 19 minutes." She was about to leave with her best friend, who used to work at a day care. BF says, "That's what we used to say to the kids at the nursery!" Well, DD got mad, but she stomped off and put the bags where they belonged. I told her, "Thank you, Sweetie. Now tell Mommy you are sorry and give me a hug." She did but she was MAD! She then stomped off. But a minute later she came back to where I was sitting and hugged me and said, "I'm sorry, Mom. I love you." I couldn't believe it actually worked! She has been much better since then. You just have to try to use your sense of humor when raising kids, especially teenagers!!

Well, that's about it for me today. I've been trying to catch up on reading blogs. Most of us seem to be slack about posting lately. I guess life gets awfully busy sometimes! Take care! Have a day full of happy moments; and may God bless you!


AnnMcD said...

Great parenting story Vicki! Your daughter will remember that the next time she leaves stuff lying around!

Margaret said...

Hi Vicki,
Now that was an absolutely wonderful solution and one which I am sure made both of you feel so much better. This is a moment you are both going to look back on for years to come with laughter in your eyes.

Thanks for your sweet comment about Frederick. If you decide to stitch him I would certainly consider something else than the black Aida which was in my kit. I don't think I will ever stitch on black again and Aida is just not ideal for half and quarter stitches. Evenweave would be so much better.

Glad to hear you are feeling better. You have been through so much these past years that it is really important to take one day at a time and try to make each new day as happy as possible.


'Berta said...

Your hibernation idea is great...I may follow suit very shortly!

Take care